Consistency of Latour

12 April 2010
Author: Jeannie Cho Lee


If I am given a choice to choose a first growth or top Bordeaux property from an off vintage, most likely I will choose Chateau Latour. This first growth property for me offers the most solid consistent drinking pleasure regardless of the vintage. Latour hardly ever gets it wrong and part of it is due to the sharp eagle eye of its Director Frederic Engerer. When I arrived at the chateau, Engerer admitted that it is more challenging during the years reputed to be great years such as 2009 because people arrive with such high expectations. I agree with his logic and consider all the times I walked into a cinema to see a film that was so highly regarded only to be disappointed. In reality, the film wasn’t bad, it just did not meet our high expectations going in.



I had high expectations but the 2009 Latour did not disappoint. It has all the class, power, balance and presence of a great Latour. In years where the weather gods smiled upon Bordeaux like 2009, Latour achieves a majestic presence that can be intimidating at youth but will bring much pleasure over time. The 2009 is a powerful wine that clearly will have more to say as it ages. The quality of the vintage can be judged by the second wine, Les Forts de Latour, which is impressive in its density and power as well as its balance. 


Latour 09 is serious, masculine and stern – its opposite personality is Mouton among the first growths. Where one is serious, the other is playful, where one is reserved, the other is flamboyant and generous – but both first growths age very well and have their own enthusiastic fans. The only drawback is that 2009 Latour is a wine for our children to enjoy – lay down this wine for your children or grandchildren.