"Timeless Treasure" SCMP and Wing Tai Properties VIP Cocktail
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"Timeless Treasure" SCMP and Wing Tai Properties VIP Cocktail
4 November 2011
Grand Mansion, Forfar, 2 Forfar Road, Kowloon


Join Asian Palate and 150 VIPs on November 4th to meet key experts from both arts and wines for insights on appreciation, collection and investment opportunities. Jeannie will be the speaking on wine appreciation and wine storage whilst Mr. Kevin Ching, CEO of Sotheby’s Asia will be sharing his views on investment angle and future trends as the concluding highlight at the event.

Schoeni Art Gallery will participate in this event as SCMP’s exclusive arts partner. Renowned Chinese contemporary paintings with great value will be displayed and Nicole Schoeni, Director of the Gallery, will share her knowledge of recent developments of the local and regional art scene.