Grandes Pagos de Espana Returns to Asia
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Grandes Pagos de Espana Returns to Asia
27 May 2013
Seoul, Shanghai, Guangzhou

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In 2003, Grandes Pagos de Espana was officially formed by a group of single estate winery owners from Spain with the goal of promoting their distinctive terroirs and unique wines internationally. In light of this mission, GPE will commence their 2013 Asia Wine Tour with tastings in Seoul, Shanghai and Guangzhou. During their visits, they will also be in search of two Wine Ambassadors from Shanghai and Guangzhou, one from each city, to be their local spokespersons.


May 27th, 2013 @ Seoul – Classic 7, Marriott Hotel
May 29th, 2013 @ Shanghai – Rose Ballroom, Peninsula Shanghai
May 31st, 2013 @ Guangzhou – Grand Ballroom, Four Seasons Guangzhou

Exclusive Premium Wine Tasting…
The event will be an invitation only walk-around tasting with 19 wineries represented by their winemakers and/or owners serving approximately 40 different wines. During the tastings in Guangzhou and Shanghai, the final round of GPE Wine Ambassador contest will be held.


The first part of the contest requires applicants to write a short essay with the topic: “How can top Spanish wineries best promote their wines in a major city in China?” Contestants may choose Shanghai, Guangzhou or any city in which they reside. Three finalists will then be chosen from the applicants to compete in the second part of the contest during the Asia tour in either Shanghai (May 29th) or Guangzhou (May 31st). The final contest will consist of a Blind Tasting Challenge and a Q & A Session, which will be conducted and judged by Jeannie Cho Lee MW and representatives from the Grandes Pagos de Espana.

How to Apply…
Applicants are required to submit a short essay with no more than 1,000 words in English (preferred option), or 800 words in Chinese, on the topic:

How can top Spanish wines best promote their wines in a major city in China?

The essay should conform to the specific format requirements below. Any other format may risk disqualification.

1. Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 line spacing, 2” margin on all sides

2. All sources must be properly cited according to Harvard APA referencing system

3. Appendix is not counted as part of the word count. The maximum word count must not exceed 1000 words in English or 800 words in Chinese.

4. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and any work that has been plagiarized will be immediately disqualified The essay may either be submitted electronically to [email protected], or mailed to Asian Palate, Suite 4A&B, 3/F, Lucky Commercial Centre, 103 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong. Please include your full name, telephone number, mailing address and email address in the submission. Acknowledgment of receipt will be sent in return to the applicant via email.


Benefits and Prizes…

1. The winner will be entitled to a complimentary 7-day trip to Spain. During the trip, the Wine Ambassador will visit selected wineries of Grandes Pagos de Espana and have strong exposure to their wines. All travel, accommodation and meals expenses will be covered by GPE.

2. The winner will receive 24 bottles of wine, one from each member winery.

3. The winner will receive an official certificate issued by GPE presented by Jeannie Cho Lee MW
***The 7-day trip is wholly sponsored by Grandes Pagos de Espana. The sponsor reserves the right to varying the details and arrangements of the trip.

Applicant Eligibility…

1. Applicants must be legal drinking age in his/her residing country
2. Applicants are expected to demonstrate love and passion for Spanish wines and a thorough understanding of the current marketing advantages and issues of Spanish wines in his/her residing country and region
3. Applicants must be familiar with and a wide knowledge of Chinese social media
4. Applicants must sign a provisional agreement to conform to the list of duties stipulated above after the application has been approved
5. Professional wine experience and qualifications are preferred but not required

Duties of GPE’s Wine Ambassador…

The Wine Ambassador is expected to fulfill the following duties:
1. Appearances at wine events organised by importers and members of Grandes Pagos de Espana when available.
2. Active maintenance of various social media channels (minimum requirement: Weibo; at least 3 posts per week, including a video of the 7-day wine trip to Spain).
3. Participants must confirm their availability to take part in the final contest if chosen as a finalist. Failure to do so constitutes forfeiture of their rights to continue to compete.


西班牙单一酒庄庄主二零零三年联合成立的Grandes Pagos de España(以下简称GPE),让您领略西班牙高素质单一葡萄园的异国风情,品尝其独一无二的美酒,回望去年盛事,GPE将再次与上海交集,今年更将首次於首尔及广州舉行巡回品酒会,欢迎您莅临2013年西班牙标志名庄亚洲巡回品酒会 – 首尔、上海、广州站,您将有机会成为GPE在您所居住城市的唯一代言人,成为官方认可的葡萄酒大使巡回品酒会之旅…

2013.5.27 首尔JW万豪酒店Classic 7:南韩首尔瑞草区盘浦洞19-3
2013.5.29 上海半岛酒店玫瑰厅:中国上海市中山东一路32号
2013.5.31 广州四季酒店大宴会厅:中国广州天河区珠江新城珠江西路5号
巡回全场,让您一睹19家酒庄的风貌,一品各款西班牙顶级佳酿。今年,Grandes Pagos de Espana更会於广州及上海站举行葡萄酒大使选拔赛。


第一阶段:参赛者需於2013年5月10日前就“如何在中国一线城市最大程度推广西班牙葡萄酒”为题写一篇小论文,(需在廣州站/上海站中任選其一,如進入決賽,則決賽地點與初選相同 ),并以此为基准从所有参赛者中分别挑选出六位参赛者(每站各3位)。参赛选手由第一阶段各站甄选出。

1. 字体Times New Roman/宋体, 12,1.5倍行距,左右边缘各空两英寸
2. 所有来源需参照哈佛APA参照系统列出
3. 附录部分不计入总字数,不超过一千英文单词或八百中文字
4. 严禁抄袭,剽窃作品将被取消资格
文章可以於2013年5月10 日前以电子邮件的方式提交到[email protected],或以信件的方式邮寄到香港德辅道西103-109号乐基商业中心3楼4A及4B室。在提交时,请注明全名、电话号码、邮寄地址、电子邮箱地址以及意愿参赛地区(上海/广州,该地区与决赛地区一致)。收到后,将以电子邮件确认。
1. 胜出者将获得西班牙免费七天游,包括参观所有亚洲巡回品酒会名庄(中国),深入了解并品味其佳酿。行程、住宿及膳食将由GPE承包。*
2. 获胜者将获得由所有成员酒庄各提供的一瓶美酒,共计24瓶。
3. 获胜者将获得由李志延葡萄酒大师亲自颁赠 Grandes Pagos de Espana官方证书。

1. 参赛者须到达其所在国家的法定饮酒年龄。
2. 参赛者需对西班牙葡萄酒有由衷的热爱与激情,并透彻了解目前西班牙葡萄酒在中国的市场。
3. 赛者须熟悉及广泛了解中国社交媒体(如微博,人人網等)。
4. 参赛者须签署并遵守有關條款。*
5. 专业葡萄酒的经验和资历為优先、但并非必要的条件。


1. 时间允许,需出席GPE进口商或成员酒庄举办的推廣活动。
2. 有效维护各种社交媒体网络(基本要求:西班牙行程中,每天发表三篇相关微博及一篇微刊,微刊需包含相关照片/视频。其后,需上载西班牙七天行的视频)。
3. 如果被挑选入围,参赛者须确认是否出席决赛,如果没有进行相关确认,将被取消决赛资格。

*獲勝者七天漫遊西班牙标志名庄之旅由GPE贊助。行程包括獲勝者(每站各一位)七天名庄之旅。其來回機票、住宿及酒莊行程將由贊助機構承包。贊助機構有權更改細節而不另行通知,敬請原諒。參賽者需遵從有關條款及細則。所有行程不可轉讓或兌換現金。如需查詢更多詳情,西班牙标志名庄亚洲巡回品酒会活動代理商 - 東膳西釀。[email protected]


2013 그란데스 파고스 데 에스파냐 (GRANDES PAGOS DE ESPANA) 아시아 와인 투어 행사 안내

그란데스 파고스 데 에스파냐 (Grandes Pagos de Espana, 이하 GPE)는 2003년 스페인의 독특한 포도 산지와 특유의 와인을 전세계에 알리고자 뜻을 같이 한 몇몇 개인 와이너리 소유주들에 의해 시작되었습니다.

GPE의 이번 2013 아시아 와인 투어는 스페인산 와인을 서울과 중국 상하이와 광저우에 알리는데 큰 역할을 하게 될 것입니다.

이번 아시아 투어 기간 동안 GPE는 상하이와 광저우 각 지역을 담당하게 될 와인 홍보대사를 선정할 예정입니다.

와인 투어 일정…

2013년 5월 27일 : 서울 – JW 메리어트 호텔 서울, 클래식 7
2013년 5월 29일 : 상하이 – 페닌술라 상하이, 로즈 볼룸
2013년 5월 31일 : 광저우 – 포 시즌 광저우, 그랜드 볼룸
단독 프리미엄 와인 시음회…

이번 행사는 초청자에 한해 참가할 수 있으며 19개의 와이너리 부스 방문을 통해 40 종류의 와인을 시음하실 수 있습니다.

상하이와 광저우 시음회 기간에는 각 도시의 GPE 와인 홍보대사를 선정하는 결선이 진행될 예정입니다.


Invitation (for China)Invitation (For Korea)