Exclusive Chateau Latour tasting
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Exclusive Chateau Latour tasting
21 March 2011
Hong Kong


Jeannie will be one of 12 special guests at Chateau Latour’s exclusive tasting at the chateau on 31 March, 2011. 12 wine professionals from around the world will taste 12 wines plus 1 mystery vintage (older than 1863 from Latour’s library collection). All vintages will be drawn at random (in a group of 48 possible vintages, oldest being 1863, youngest being 2000), chosen directly by each guest in the cellar, decanted by the guest, each guest knowing only the vintage he/she has drawn, the rest being totally blind. This evening is a prelude to the ex-cellar Christie’s wine auction which will be on 27 May in Hong Kong.