En Primeur 2009
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En Primeur 2009
29 March 2010

Smith Ht Laitte


Those close to the wine industry had no doubt been hearing rumours about the quality of the 2009 Bordeaux vintage – it is being compared to some of Bordeaux legendary vintages like 1945, 1961 and 1982. Is this the vintage of the decade or even the century? How much better is it compared to the past two excellent vintages 2000 and 2005? In March 2010, Jeannie made her annual trip to Bordeaux and tasted over 400 wines during en primeur week. All of the top Bordeaux wines, including Lafite, Latour, Petrus and Margaux were reviewed and rated by Jeannie with recommendations on which wines are must-buys for your cellar. Prices for the 2009 Bordeaux started trickling out in April and everyone was looking toward on getting the most allocation of the top wines at the best prices.