The new luxe face of Chinese cuisine

China has captured the wine world with its  growing interest in luxury first growth wine brands . But how does China show it has the food to match? Perceptions of Chinese cuisine are partly shaped by Chinese restaurants outside Asia, with Chinese food taking a slamming from the media  for stereotypes of low cost/low quality, in Europe, America and Australia. 

Zhang Lan is making tracks within China, recognised for her luxe Chinese food, specialising in Sichuan cooking. And with over 40 restaurants throughout China, the crowds are responding positively to the sleek cuisine, despite the hefty prices . reports her restaurant chain, South Beauty, goes under the motto “Global Quality, Chinese Style”. 

Street food is an integral aspect of Asian culture, but of course within China, there still exists a high demand for luxury cuisine; from shark’s fin, bird’s nest and abalone to the more obscure deer tail and Chinese truffles. 

Zhang plans to take her upscale Chinese outside Asia and change perceptions of Chinese cuisine in other regions of the world. It is unknown whether she will face a tough battle, or will succeed like some before her . We are looking forward to see the results.