King of cheap wines

Here’san interesting storyhow some high-end wines can filter down to the low-end of the price range. The feature traces the success of Cameron Hughes, a wine broker who has made a good business buying up the glut of high-end wines at bargain prices, then bottling them and selling them at very consumer-friendly prices at places such as Costco and Wal-Mart. His trick: He never reveals the sources of his wine. Hughes fills an oft-overlooked gap in the wine business. Many vineyards have an excess of wine or are in need of cash because of recent overexpansion or falling sales in an increasingly competitive market. Hughes, meanwhile, is a ready buyer who can take a large quantity of wine – he usually buys tens of thousands of gallons when they are still in large vats or barrels – and pay in cash. And in the end, it’s the consumer who benefits, often by getting good wine at cheap prices.