Hong Kong Food Expo exposed

Missed out on the Hong Kong Food Expo this year? Enjoy our photos of the show.

Traditional Chiuchow assorted candies and sweets
(Top row from the left) White sesame candies (bai zhi-ma tang); Assorted nuts candies (guo-ren tang); Rice krispies (jia-xiang mi-tong); Soft walnut candies (he-tao ruan-tang)
(Bottom row from the left) Pomelo Skin Candy (xiao you-pi-tang); Walnut and dates cubes (he-tao nan-zao ni); Soft sesame and peanut candies (zhi-ma hua-sheng ruan-tang)

 Traditional Hong Kong snack: Crispy Chicken Biscuits (ji-zai-bing)

Hip Taiwanese Street Food: Japanese-styled cream cake with red bean paste or custard cream filling (hong-dou/ ji-shi da-pan-shao)

Hip Taiwanese Street Food: Barbecued sausage in original or cuttlefish sauce flavour (tai-shi kao-chang)

Red wine booth in Hong Kong Food Expo 2010 featuring German wines

Photos by Anty Fung