Football nation with Asian influence

Known for its “rainbow cuisine”, South Africa is preparing to wow guests with more than just football. The National reports that South Africa is showing off its cuisine to the world, with dishes that feature an Asian twist.

Included in the rainbow cuisine will be an array of South East Asian ingredients such as tamarind and cumin. The South African cuisine has been shaped and refined by the influence of the nations’ Indonesian population. If you’re celebrating at home, check out for some great South African recipes.

Outside South Africa football fever has spread – fans in Hong Kong are hungry and the restaurants are preparing accordingly. The Oriental Daily reports that the Regal Hotel in Kowloon is producing an intriguing array of Chinese dishes catering just for World Cup fever. Click here to see photo’s of “Beckham’s Winning Kick” (marinated frog’s legs with seven tastes). Sounds bizarre, but we anticipate this will be a crowd-pleaser. 

If you know of any other restaurants in Asia with a case of football fever, let us know. 

Photo provided by FIFA