Drunk cows please chefs

Enthusiastic carnivorous foodies never pass on an opportunity for a nice bottle of red and a steak. Or perhaps a nice beef bourguignon – tender red meat slowly braised in red wine? How about if you could have your beef, PRE-infused with essence of Cabernet Sauvignon?

The Vancouver Sun reports this week on the growing trend of farmers feeding their Angus cattle a litre of red every day to improve the quality of their beef. The meat is reportedly tastier and the price of beef is higher than average – to cover the costs of the growing number of alcoholic cows. It comes as little surprise that the cows enjoy it too, although the long term repercussions of this practice seem dubious. 

In Japan, they’ve been taking a more external approach to the situation. Rather than drinking sake, Kobe cows are sprayed with sake, perhaps to ‘infuse’ it into the beef. The bottom line is, the cows have no say in the matter, but the results are delicious. 

Wagyu is having a tougher time holding up its grand reptuation, as Japan becomes ravished with foot and mouth disease . Exports have stopped to Singapore, Vietnam and the U.S, but surprisngly continue in Hong Kong and Macau. Perhaps consider chicken next time you dine out.