Does Asian airline food taste better?

Let’s face it – airline food is rarely known to be haute cuisine. Budget cuts, allergies and security risks have seen the standards slipping over time. But it seems airlines may be lifting their game – the ABC News recently published an article about gourmet food trends within Singapore Airlines.

It seems the Asian airlines are taking the forefront; the recent World Airline Awards saw South Korean Airlines  voted best in the sky . Food, amongst other things was rated as superior to all other airlines, based on a survey with more than 17 million passengers. 

All the discerning foodies may be wondering the same thing – is the bibimbap superior to the lasagne or do noodles and rice just taste better reheated? Why is it that the Asian airlines are winning on the food front?

For those skeptics still lamenting the loss of the ‘good old days’, we found this nifty website dedicated solely to airline food. To find out what Japan Airlines served in the 1980s, click here