Creating a Wine Dynasty In China

Dynasty Fine wines, the leader in the Chinese wine industry, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in a major way.  It will host the Grand Opening ceremony of its landmark building, Dynasty Wine Chateau. In the past thirty years, Dynasty began a new era for Chinese wine making.  It has grown to build Asia’s largest wine chateau, with a 9-meter deep wine cellar.  Dynasty has reached an output of 70,000 tons annually. Wine enthusiasts and wine novices may now visit this iconic chateau in Tianjin, China to learn about Chinese and western wine culture. Dynasty is committed to popularize wine knowledge, help Chinese consumers understand wine culture, and identify good wine.  Soon, the Chateau will be the preferred setting for wine tastings, promotions, trade and storage for wine lovers.  Dynasty being a Sino-French joint venture will also feature exhibitions on French wine, food and culture in the chateau.  

by Maida Pineda. 27 October 2010