Absolutely DiVine, organic gourmet cuisine at Phuket's newest restaurant

Located at Thanyapura, DiVine is Phuket’s newest restaurant serving organic gourmet cuisine made from fresh, locally farmed ingredients from Thanyamundra, southern Thailand’s only certified organic farm.  Nick Seaver, Chief Executive Officer of Thanyapura, is the man behind DiVine Restaurant and Thanyamundra Organic Farm.  Seaver shares with Asian Palate his story of how DiVine came to be, and the importance of using organic and locally grown ingredients. 
Thanyamundra Organic Farm provides all the ingredients at DiVine.  Seaver and his team at Thanyapura were deeply concerned with the heavy amounts of chemicals used to produce food in Thailand, thus the concept of Thanyamundra Organic Farm was conceived. By serving organic fresh local food at DiVine, Thanyamundra is able to provide a healthy environment for their hotel guests, club members, and the students who share the campus. 

“We are passionate about great tasting products and we believe there is real value in eating natural, fresh, organic foods thereby improving people’s health. We discovered an exceptional plot of land adjacent to Khao Sok National Park that was pristine clean and could qualify for true organic farming.  This became the Thanyapura Organic Farm.” says Seaver. 

The organic food trend is starting to grow in Thailand, with government initiatives such as the Phuket Organic Island by the Ministry of Commerce, and many organic farmer’s markets taking place around the country.  Thanyamundra is paving the way for this trend in Phuket because of their ability to farm large quantities of organic produce.  

In addition to health benefits, organic farming is beneficial to the Thai community.  Seaver explains, “Thailand’s local organic farming industry has a real opportunity to evolve and become a part of a sustainable and healthy industry and in turn provide longer term benefits and profits to Thai farmers, who will gain new skills in organic farming. Being good to your soil means being good to your people”
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